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The Reach Bar and Kitchen


Published: 19/09/2016   Last Updated: 17/10/2016 10:25:52   Tags: Thereach, Royalquay, Goodfood

Greetings and salutations!

It’s Monday and my belt is a little tighter from having about 12 meals over the space of 2 days. When the weekend hits I honestly lose all discipline with food. Yesterday I had chocolate cake, a Mcflurry a large spoon full of Nutella and that’s just the dessert portion! I think they call that indulgence….

So let’s get started...this blog is going to open your eyes to all the wonderful features of The Royal Docks anything from restaurants, bars, schools and shops.

I’ve worked in The Royal Docks for the past 12 years and seen a lot change. Old and unused Docks have been transformed into new developments with modern apartments and shops making new communities when London is crying out for more areas to grow into. I look at myself as someone that knows this area extremely well so let’s explore Canary Wharfs little brother!

Now I love food, when I’m eating my lunch I’m actually thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner, you may think that’s crazy but I think that’s just good preparation! Can you guess where we’re going to start today?! Yep, you guessed it, FOOD!

I’m based on a waterside development named Royal Quay in the Royal Docks (E16) and there’s a restaurant that goes by the name of “The Reach Bar & Kitchen”. It’s owned by Mark & Kelly and they are owners you actually see and can speak to and touch (leave it) if you feel the need. The menu is small in size but huge in taste. My favourite dish is the lasagne it comes with garlic bread, crisp side salad and for £8 it’s great value. They also do an awesome burger (£10) and the sausage and mash (£9) rivals my nans! It’s one of those places that’s tucked away but has live music on a Friday and last week I even came in on a Sunday to taste the Sunday roast (£12) and it didn’t disappoint!!

If you’re a train lover Gallions Reach DLR is the nearer station. Come out of the station and cross the road (Atlantis Avenue) then you’ll be on Basin Approach. You’ll then see a Grade II listed building called “Gallions Hotel” and The Reach is on the ground floor. Alternatively, if you’re a driver like me it’s just off of Royal Docks Road on Gallions Roundabout. The main roads to use are the A406 & A13, depending on where you’re travelling from.

These are The Reach’s important details:

Address: Gallions Hotel, Albert Basin Way, London E16 2QS

Phone: 020 7476 8689

Opening Hours: 


Monday 5-11pm
Tuesday 12-11pm
Wednesday 12-11pm
Thursday 12-11pm
Friday  12-11pm
Saturday 12-11pm
Sunday  12-11pm


Here’s a link to trip advisor so you can see the reviews yourself and you know I’m not telling porky pies: 

Happy dam Monday to everyone!