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The Royal Docks?


Published: 17/10/2016   Last Updated: 17/10/2016 11:00:36   Tags: Royaldocks, Alwayschanging, Thefuture

Top of the morning to everybody reading this very line! To say summer has gone would be more obvious than saying I’m writing a blog. It officially turned for me when I had to wear a coat at 8am when walking the dog. Before then a shirt would suffice, a month before that it was a t-shirt and shorts but now we are about to step into winter!!

So, last time we spoke about The Reach, my local haunt for eating lunch. The feedback I received from people really put a smile on my face as it meant people actually read it, you like me, you really like me!!! The most frequent question was, “The Royal Docks, where’s that??”. Normally google maps would suffice but seeing as I pricked so many people’s attention I’d start drawing a small map and saying “well you know where that is, well go a little further and that’s where it is”.

This brings me to today’s blog where I shall break open the Royal Docks as a whole and try to open your eyes to some of the wonders that make up what I like to call my second home. In a nut shell, The Royal Docks is based on The Thames and is made of 3 Docks, King George V, Royal Victoria and Royal Albert. Right in the middle of these Docks is London City Airport with its long runway cutting straight through whole Dock area. I started to work here around 12 years ago and to say it has changed would be an understatement and I’d expect the next 12 years to be the same. It used to be all docks but now riverside developments are sprouting up everywhere and new towns and communities are thriving.

The Excel Exhibition Centre was built in 2000 and attracts millions of people per year with events like Comic Con, The Property Investors show and The World Travel Market are just mentioning a few. If you fancy going to one of the exhibitions and are travelling by train jump on the DLR and get off at Custom House, walk around 200 yards on the platform and it is right in front of you. If you’re driving the A13 is your best road, come off at Canning Town and travel down Silvertown Way for around half a mile before turning onto Tidal Basin Road which flows nicely onto Western Gateway. There are around 3 car parks, they are chargeable but you can use card or cash.
These are the full details of the Excel Exhibition Centre:

Excel London
Address: Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL
Phone: 020 7069 5000

The travel connections are pretty amazing too, it has 2 DLR lines that travel from the northern and southern part of The Royal Docks. Both lead you to Canary Wharf and The City or switch to The Jubilee Line. Road links include the A13 that will lead you into central London and out to the Dartford Tunnel & M25. Other major roads are the North Circular (A406) and A12. Oh and of course we have our very own airport! London City Airport is wonderful to use, it's not crowded, easy to access and there is something special about taking off being surrounded by water.

For shopping Gallions Reach Shopping Park has some awesome variety with restaurants, shops and the largest Tesco Extra in England. If you’re driving get off the A406 at the Beckton Roundabout, then travel 1 mile on the Royal Docks Road and it’s on your left. They’ve just erected a huge grey and yellow sign so you can’t miss it!!

Gallions Reach Shopping Park Details:

Address: 3 Armada Way, London, E6 7ER
Opening Hours:

Monday      10am–8pm
Tuesday      10am–8pm
Wednesday 10am–8pm
Thursday     10am–8pm
Friday          10am–8pm
Saturday     10am–6pm
Sunday        11am–5pm
Phone: 020 7473 8160

I know I’m biased about The Royal Docks but it is changing every day, even when I go on holiday for just a week a new building is on its way up. We’ve even got an Asian Business Park being built which is being touted as “Canary Wharfs little brother”. It’s called ABP and the diggers are just starting to clear the huge site and if I’m honest I’m very excited about it. For more information, follow this link:

That’s all from me but have a great week and keep warm!